High-end Swimwear in Painesville

Level 1 Beds:

24 100 watt bulbs
1 400 watt facial bulb
Equipped with towels and sanitized goggles in all beds

2 lay down beds at 15 minutes each.

For those of you that are interested purely in establishing a base tan, these beds

are going to be perfect for you. Pair it with our new tanning lotions and you will be

the tanning envy of all your friends!

Single Session Price
Month Unlimited

Level 2 Beds:

34 100 watt bulbs
1 400 watt facial bulb
3 lay down beds at 20 minutes per session
Rooms equipped with fans, towels, and sanitized goggles 

If you are looking to establish your base tan and carry it to new levels, these are

the beds for you! Regular sessions of 20 minutes of pure tanning relaxation will

leave you golden brown for weeks. Also, our monthly package includes a free

upgrade to our most powerful beds, our Super Beds for the ultimate tanning


 Single Session Price

10 Sessions Price

Month Unlimited

Super Beds:

46 160 watt bulbs 

4 400 watt facial bulbs
2 lay down beds at 10 minutes per session
1 9-minute stand up equipped with 60 160-watt bulbs

For that all around body tan, these are the perfect beds for you. Are you in a

crunch for time? These 9 and 10-minute beds are the perfect solution to all your

time dilemmas. For that extra boost of tanning power, add a Swedish Beauty or

other tingle factor lotion by California Tan, or Australian Gold and your tan will be

on its way to maximum capacity.

 Single Session Price

6 Sessions Price

10 Sessions Price

Month unlimited